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Your Travel Guide into the Realm of the Miraculous

International Speaker

  • Keynotes, guest appearances, and facilitator at events from intimate gatherings to 60,000-seat stadiums.

Counselor and coach to world leaders

  • Three Masters Degrees in education and science.
  • Guest of kings and presidents.
  • Counselor and Coach to leaders at the highest levels in business, government, and religion.
  • Barbara brings an uncommon, fresh, and independent perspective to palaces and boardrooms, where some of the most sensitive national and international issues are decided.


  • Lifeline To Leaders — Learn More
  • Live the Victory

Founder and Director

  • Kingdom Communications
  • The Ministry Centers
  • Be Made Whole
  • Victory For Leaders
  • Victory Publishers


  • God is GOD and We Are Not
    A three-volume series Volume One is published. Volume Two is in process:
  • Volume II: God is GOD from the whorehouse to the White House

  • Clean House – 147 Ways to Live Well in the Body God Gave You

  • Miracles With Minerals
    Feel Better, Look Better, Heal Faster with the oldest all-natural healing nutrients created by God for the only body you have!

  • Go GOD! – Jump On or Hang On ‘Cause God’s Gonna Win

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