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Your Travel Guide into the Realm of the Miraculous

International Speaker

  • Keynotes, guest appearances, and facilitator at events from intimate gatherings to 60,000-seat stadiums.

Counselor and coach to world leaders

  • Three Masters Degrees in education and science.
  • Guest of kings and presidents.
  • Counselor and Coach to leaders at the highest levels in business, government, and religion.
  • Barbara brings an uncommon, fresh, and independent perspective to palaces and boardrooms, where some of the most sensitive national and international issues are decided.


  • Lifeline To Leaders — Learn More
  • Live the Victory

Founder and Director

  • Kingdom Communications
  • The Ministry Centers
  • Be Made Whole
  • Victory For Leaders
  • Victory Publishers




God is GOD and We Are Not
A three-volume series Volume One is published. Volume Two is in process:

Volume II: God is GOD from the whorehouse to the White House


Your Personal Roadmap to Whole Body Cleansing– Learn how to live well in the body God gave you


Miracles With Minerals
Feel Better, Look Better, Heal Faster with the oldest all-natural healing nutrients created by God for the only body you have!



Go GOD!– Jump On or Hang On ‘Cause God’s Gonna Win


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