Too easy . . .

Most of us have no concept of what it cost others to make the symbol on this necklace a statement of commitment to those who wear it 2,000 years after the sacrifice it exacted. Some of us stand in awe and unspeakable gratitude for what it means. “If anyone would... read more

Freely Give, Humbly Receive

Lots of people give, but not freely. They expect something back, even though they deny that.  True giving has a sense that you almost can’t help yourself. Many people have even more trouble receiving. Some feel undeserving. Others feel insulted, as if receiving from... read more


You don’t need to know everything ahead of time. Most of the time, you won’t anyway. Mostly, you get the “what,” and sometimes the “why,” but almost never the “how.” “How” is God’s job and He does it masterfully. That’s what faith is all about. Make Today... read more
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