Five Universal Rules

  • Treating symptoms NEVER addresses or eliminates their cause.
  • Doctors don’t cure. Bodies heal.
  • The human body does not know how to be sick OR healthy; it knows how to survive. Sometimes, pain and illness are the best it can do.
  • The body never makes a mistake. Its survival responses are perfect for the stimuli that made them necessary, even when they don’t feel good: we call those symptoms.
  • When we find and address the stimuli properly, bodies — and lives — heal, sometimes miraculously, defying “conventional wisdom” and educated predictions.

Remove interference from the natural,
inborn, innate healing response:

  • Perform a unique combination of astonishingly gentle and effective hands-on, energy-based physical procedures. Learn More . . .
  • Cleanse all body systems, organs, and tissues at the cellular level. Learn More . . .
  • Rebuild and Support every tissue, organ, and system, also at the cellular level. Learn More . . .
  • Take charge of the choices you make every day in the eight areas you control:
    • What you Eat
    • What you Drink
    • What and How you Breathe
    • How you Exercise (or don’t)
    • How you Rest
    • What you Think, Feel, and Believe
    • What you Speak
    • How you Nurture your Spirit

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