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Restoring Lives Into The Potter’s Hands

Imagine . . .

  • A place where the best, most advanced holistic heath and wellness care is under one roof.
  • A place with a fresh perspective and an entirely different approach to well-being in spirit, soul, and body.
  • An environment in which healing is palpable.
Natural Healing

The Quickest way to Natural Healing . . .


Five Universal Rules

  • Treating symptoms NEVER addresses or eliminates their cause.
  • Doctors don’t cure. Bodies heal.
  • The human body does not know how to be sick OR healthy; it knows how to survive. Sometimes, pain and illness are the best it can do.
  • The body never makes a mistake. Its survival responses are perfect for the stimuli that made them necessary, even when they don’t feel good: we call those symptoms.
  • When we find and address the stimuli properly, bodies — and lives — heal, sometimes miraculously, defying “conventional wisdom” and educated predictions.


Remove interference from the natural,
inborn, innate healing response:

  • Perform a unique combination of astonishingly gentle and effective hands-on, energy-based physical procedures.
  • Cleanse all body systems, organs, and tissues at the cellular level.
  • Rebuild and Support every tissue, organ, and system, also at the cellular level.

Holisitc Medicine
Why a Holistic Approach?
The CEO of one of the leading health care insurance companies in the U.S. talks about his experience with medicine versus holistic health care, following a debilitating ski accident.

(the quality of the video is atrocious, but the story is powerful)

The practice of medicine is at its best when the whole person is taken into account. Holistic medicine focuses on the whole person. After all, we are more than the sum of our parts.

Concierge Medicine —

female-consult-76744305The best medicine is also practiced in an unhurried atmosphere, in which a personal relationship develops between doctors and patients. Trust and confidence can be built best by consistent access to your doctor, who has an intimate knowledge of your lifestyle and history, and whom you know is serving your best interests.

Type “concierge medicine” into your internet search engine.
Concierge Medicine on Google

Or check out this story from KERA – Dallas Public Radio.
A Crash Course In ‘Concierge Care’ For Doctors, Patients

Our goal is to correct the cause, while minimizing – even eliminating – the need for drugs, prescription or over-the-counter. Ultimately, we look forward to discovering how well you’re doing.

Gentle, Non-Forceful Chiropractic
pt.-consult-76744306Chiropractic is at its best when the doctor focuses on why your body expresses pain, illness, or dysfunction; and his or her methods of delivering care facilitate healing powerfully, without force.

No matter the age, from newborns to the most “seasoned citizens,” advanced, gentle, non-forceful chiropractic is safe and effective.

Synergy between your chiropractor and your holistic medical doctor provides a health and wellness team that works for you more powerfully than either doctor can alone.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils
aloeEssential oils have been used for thousands of years for their health, cosmetic, and emotionally uplifting properties.

  • Inspire a positive emotional state
  • Enhance your physical wellness
  • Purify your home
  • Refine your skin
  • Create deep spiritual awareness

Learn more: About Essential Oils

Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
massage-86543351Everyone knows that massage therapy relaxes, refreshes, rejuvenates, and revitalizes.

We also know that a sensitive massage therapist can deliver an exceptional experience!

Bodywork —

“Therapeutic touching or manipulation of the body by using specialized techniques” (Merriam-Webster online dictionary).

The goal is to reform, or free from restriction, tissues that hold the body together, literally, and allow freedom of movement.

Rolfing CranioSacral Therapy Myofascial Release

Chinese Acupuncture
acupuncture_03Chinese acupuncture has been a respected and trusted health-delivery system for thousands of years.

In the hands of a skilled practitioner, acupuncture can produce satisfying results.

Learn more about Chinese acupuncture

Herbs, Homeopathy
homeopathy_03Herbs can be powerful – ideally short term – aids in restoring health when they are used properly, under skilled counsel.

Herbal Remedies

Homeopathy is another time-tested way to help the body’s systems return to wholeness.

Homeopathic Medicine

Energy Healing
Dr. Norman Shealy explains energy medicine, pH, and the importance nutrition and exercise in overall health and wellness.

reikitreatment_03Energy healing encompasses a wide array of techniques, some of which employ touch and others that don’t.

Dr. James Oschman explains energy medicine

More important than the technique is the practitioner’s skill and focus as a “conduit” for healing.

Dr. Valerie Hunt on bio energy healing and cancer

Nutrition and pH balance

“You are what you eat.”

Ever heard that? In a very real way, it’s true.

What we eat and drink is entirely our choice, but we have nothing to say about what our bodies DO with our choices!

Or approach to nutrition is based on anatomy, because how we’re made is inarguable. We aren’t interested in theories and we only focus on what works 100% of the time, because anything less means we’re someone’s science experiment.

Yoga, Tai Chi, Exercise
Exercise of any kind can be summed up in a word: MOVEMENT.

As a former Navy Seal and now personal trainer said, “Just move!”

The “Victory March” —

From the book, CLEAN HOUSE – 147 Ways to Live Well in the Body God Gave You, by Barbara Brown and Dr. Tom Taylor.

The “Victory March” combines Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Dynamic Breath Work, and simple stretching to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, stamina, and even temperament in 28 days!

Watch these step by step instructions and see for yourself!


Health benefits of Yoga
Tai Chi, from the Mayo Clinic