Other all-natural solutions and support for simple health challenges

Vegetarian Enzyme Complex™ – Stop the “burn” and give your stomach a fighting chance

Increase nutrient absorption and help your body process fats, proteins, carbohydrates and other difficult-to-digest foods!

  • 7 Enzymes, including Lactase and Cellulase + Probiotics!
  • 100% vegetarian-sourced enzymes!
  • Super-stable Lactospore (Lactobacillus sporogenes) probiotics! 
  • Additional digestive support provided by Alfalfa leaf and Betaine HCL!

Use with Daily Enzyme Complex™ for a complete digestive solution!

90 Tablets, only $15.57!



Daily Enzyme Complex™ – Takes the load off your Pancreas!

Give your Pancreas a break with enzymes for digestion after food has passed your stomach!

  • Decrease and even eliminate gas and bloating!
  • Improve protein digestion!
  • Reduce congestion and mucus caused by allergies!

Use with Vegetarian Enzyme Complex for a complete digestive solution!

75 Tablets, only $12.97!



FORMULA 303® – A Natural Muscle Relaxer

Take the “edge” off naturally and without side effects!

Quickly reduce muscle spasms, tension, soreness . . . and relax!

Use FORMULA 303® with Adrenergy® and Calcium as instructed in the book, CLEAN HOUSE, to sleep like a baby!

90 Tablets, only $29.97!





If someone ever said, “You’re full of it,” they were right, but you’re about to change that!

You’re only three simple steps away from feeling better, looking better, and feeling younger with a Magnet, a Chisel, and a Broom!

The Royal Flush® Kit is the only truly complete, all-in-one, all-natural intestinal cleansing system available today!

Discover how to clean the gunk out of your insides step-by-step the RIGHT WAY!



Your Personal Roadmap to

Whole Body Cleansing

Put it all together with the concise roadmap for complete nutritional cleansing.

  • Step-by-Step instructions for over two dozen detoxifying cleanses!
  • Rejuvenate your Liver, Save your Gallbladder, Soothe your Kidneys, Cleanse your Colon and your entire Digestive Tract!
  • In fact, Cleanse every Cell in your Body!
  • CLEAN HOUSE readers tap into a wealth of information that goes far beyond the book!

Get your insides squeaky clean and take charge of your health at a new level!


“And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.” (Revelation 22:2, NIV)
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Natural help for simple health challenges.

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