How we re-set your insides

from “Emergency Mode” to “Healing Mode”

quickly, efficiently, and with lasting benefits.

Re-set the system that “orients” you in space:

Trauma accumulates over time and affects your physical, mental, emotional, and even your spiritual sense of balance and coordination; your literal orientation in space. Your orientation system comes from the neurological faculty of “proprioception.”

  • Re-setting your orientation system restores ease in the midst of dis-ease and calm in the midst of chaos.
  • You feel lighter and freer.

HOW? Apply light contacts on specific pairs of pressure points on major joints — feet, knees, hips and pelvis, ribs, jaw and spine. Re-setting the proprioceptive system quickly improves balance, flexibility, range of motion, coordination, and decreases pain in neck, back, head and joints.

Re-balance your emergency and healing modes:

Everything from muscle tone to body temperature, organ function, hormone balance, appetite, and even the chemical balance in your brain is controlled by your “autonomic” nervous system:

  • fight-or-flight (sympathetic) mode.
  • Your relaxed, healing (parasympathetic) mode.

Your survival and healing systems are supposed to be balanced. Unfortunately, we often get stuck in emergency mode as we run from “bears” at work, home, church, or even in our worried imaginations.

  • Rebalancing the autonomic system virtually eliminates unnecessary stored tension, relaxes muscles, releases stress patterns everywhere, and often radically reduces pain.
  • You feel relaxed and calm in minutes.

HOW? We use Specific pressure points in a precise sequence to relax muscles, improve circulation, calm excited nerves, and redistribute energy appropriately.

Re-program your body’s responses to past memory:

When healing doesn’t happen, or when a condition doesn’t resolve, despite your best efforts, you can bet that a a neurological phenomenon is operating, called a “negative memory engram.”

A negative memory engram is created during an experience with high-intensity emotions. An engram runs continually, like a computer loop, and maintains the body’s responses in emergency survival mode long after the experience is over.

Engrams often lead to conditions that defy explanation, don’t seem to heal fully, or fail to improve with other therapies.

  • Negative memory engrams can be reprogrammed.
  • You feel profoundly relieved, healing inevitably follows, and recovery is often miraculous.

HOW? We use an elegant “mind-body,” healing procedure in which physical patterns identify and help neutralize stored emotional patterns in the brain. Then, upper and lower body patterns, specific contacts, eye positions, breathing patterns, and mental imagery combines to restore proper mind-body responses, relax muscles, improve circulation, calm excited nerves, and redistribute energy appropriately.

Restore your organ communication pathways:

Organs communicate with one another through an unfathomably intricate network. When that system breaks down, organs don’t function efficiently and hormones can swing wildly.

  • Restoring the communication between organ systems has proven effective in detecting and naturally correcting many conditions, even before they show up in medical tests.
  • Your body works better and you feel better too.

HOW? Acupuncture reflexes on the surface of the body, corresponding to virtually every organ and gland in the body, are stimulated without using needles.

Re-time the reflexes you were born with:

Life takes a toll on your innate, inborn survival reflexes with every physical and emotional shock you experience. Even children experience trauma as they explore the world around them (never mind the trauma of being born!). Even families can learn to re-time innate reflexes in only a few hours, to proactively help each other unwind and unload daily stresses before they accumulate and create symptoms.

  • Retiming innate reflexes helps infants, young children, elderly, non-conscious, non-verbal, and fully conscious verbal adults, quickly regain normal function.

HOW? 12 reflexes are stimulated briefly, while observing leg length patterns. Infants and children respond rapidly, resolving often confounding health challenges.

“According to your faith let it be done to you.” (Matthew 9:29)
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