How to “Re-Set” the EMERGENCY mode
and “Re-Activate” the healing mode
as quickly as possible.
Re-time the Proprioceptive System

Re-time the Proprioceptive System:

A head-to-toe “tuneup” using a light touch on major joints – feet, knees, hips and pelvis, ribs, jaw and spine – retiming and resynchronizing signals in the brain that communicate balance, coordination, and orientation in space in relation to gravity.

Trauma – physical, mental, and emotional insults, both large and small – accumulates over time and affects our senses of balance in more than just physical ways.

Retiming the proprioceptive system quickly improves balance, flexibility, range of motion, coordination, and decreases pain in neck, back, head and joints.

Rebalance the Autonomic System

Rebalance the Autonomic System:

Specific pressure points in a precise sequence are used to relax muscles, improve circulation, calm excited nerves, and redistribute energy appropriately throughout the body.

The “autonomic” nervous system controls everything from muscle tone to body temperature; from organ function to hormone balance. The “emergency” (sympathetic), fight-or-flight mode and the relaxed (parasympathetic), healing mode are supposed to be balanced. Unfortunately, we often get stuck in emergency mode as we run from “bears” at work, home, church, or even in our worried imaginations.

Rebalancing the autonomic system virtually eliminates unnecessary stored tension. It can radically reduce pain, correct structural imbalances, relax muscles, and release stress patterns everywhere.

Reprogram Neuro-Emotional Pathways

Reprogram Neuro-Emotional Pathways:

This elegant “mind-body” healing procedure uses physical patterns to identify and neutralize stored emotional patterns in the brain, called “engrams,” which are created when physical events are accompanied by emotions. Engrams often lead to conditions that defy explanation, don’t seem to heal fully, or fail to improve with other therapies.

Reprogramming neuro-emotional pathways uses upper and lower body patterns, specific contacts, eye positions, breathing patterns, and mental imagery to restore proper mind-body responses for present time and present need, and thereby make symptoms unnecessary.

Restore Endocrine Reflexes

Restore Endocrine Reflexes:

Acupuncture reflexes on the surface of the body, corresponding to virtually every organ and gland in the body, are stimulated without using needles. Meridian pathways are activated to detect, evaluate, and correct communication “short circuits” within and between organ systems.

Restoring endocrine communication has proven effective in detecting many conditions, even before they show up in medical tests, and correcting them naturally.

Re-set Innate Reflexes

Re-set Innate Reflexes:

A series of 12 reflexes are stimulated briefly, while observing leg length patterns. Infants and children respond rapidly, resolving often confounding health challenges.

Retiming innate reflexes helps elderly, non-conscious, non-verbal, as well as full conscious and verbal adults, quickly regain normal function.

Even families can learn to retime innate reflexes in only a few hours, to proactively help each other unwind and unload daily stresses before they accumulate and create symptoms.