You may have never heard the Apostle Paul’s most important revelation . . . and it’s time you did!

Yeshua’s (Jesus) revelation to His hand-picked apostle has been buried under 2,000 years of religion . . . and it can set you free!

“Correctly cutting the word of the truth.”

(2 Timothy 2:15)

Introduction – The Back Story

A Proper Foundation

Shifting From Judgment to Grace

Jesus Christ’s Legacy of Conciliation, Grace, and a New Creation

“For Christ’s sake, be conciliated to God.” (2 Corinthians 5:20)

The word of Conciliation #1

The word of Conciliation #2

What Christ won for you #1

What Christ won for you #2

Did Peter miss the point?

What did Yeshua leave us?

Yeshua’s massive blessing

Scripture’s 4-part cycle #1

Scripture’s 4-part cycle #2

What is love really?

“Your word is truth”

Believe without seeing #1

Believe without seeing #2


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The most unlikely apostle hand-picked by the risen Lord

“He is a choice instrument of Mine.” (Acts 9:15)

Correctlly cut the word of truth

Enter, Saul who became Paul

Whom God chooses

Faith and Law don’t mix!

For freedom Christ freed you!


Audio, as a ZIP folder

Transcripts, in a ZIP folder

The sections below are audio only

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