The Ministry Centers

The MINISTRY CENTERS began in Dana Point, California, and later moved to the nation’s capital. The MINISTRY CENTER at DC became a safe place for world leaders to “fall off the face of the Earth,” to be saved, healed, delivered, and set free.

Today, The MINISTRY CENTERS is headquartered just north of Dallas, Texas. Its doors are open to all who are committed to restoring well-being – spirit, soul, and body – and Living the Victory in every area of life.

You may have never heard the Apostle Paul’s most important revelation . . . and it’s time you did!

Yeshua’s (Jesus) revelation to His hand-picked apostle has been buried under 2,000 years of religion . . . and it can set you free!

The Ministry Centers presents, “Light Up the Scriptures,” where you’ll find an honest, unbiased, unconventional, and sometimes alarmingly fresh perspective on God’s word.

If you’re interested in studying the Scriptures from a translation closer to the original language than most BIBLE versions you’re used to, Light Up the Scriptures will open your eyes.